Air conditioned offices are vital towards staff and customer comfort; especially with Scotland's unpredictable, fluctuating temperatures.

Staff and customer comfort are vital to the running of most offices and businesses in Scotland.

With Scotland's varied and unpredictable weather one of the intangible benefits of an office or business is a properly installed, managed, controlled and regulated air conditioning and ventilation system.

G2 provide air conditioning installation, service, maintenance and repair services for businesses from Glasgow to Edinburgh and Inverness down to the Scottish borders.

We work with businesses such as :

  • Solicitors and Lawyers
  • Letting Agents
  • Care Homes
  • Car Dealerships
  • Offices in business parks and city centres
  • Doctor and Dental Surgery
  • Business Centres

Preventative Maintenance of Office Air Conditioning Equipment

One of the best ways to ensure that office air conditioning units are running properly is through preventative maintenance.

By having certified, reliable and responsive air conditioning engineers to check the units, they can quickly identify problems before they become service interruptions. Parts such as compressors, gas and expansion values are under alot of pressure through usage and need regular maintenance.

Preventative maintenance on an air conditioning system is just about as important as servicing office IT equipment, photocopiers and printers.

During contracted maintenance inspections, G2 engineers will change the filter, listen for abnormal sounds and watch the entire unit function.

If we detect any problems, we can quickly fix them and avoid costly future repairs.

G2 knows how to keep a business’s office HVAC units up and running. Whether you are experiencing a interruptions in service or you just don't seem to be able to keep the business cool anymore, G2 are here to help and assist. Is your air conditioning units are advancing in years we can help you scope out replacement equipment.?

New commercial air conditioning units are energy efficient and can offer great savings on energy costs, as well as being completely cost effective. All units come with a warranty and this protection is peace of mind during the warm summer months or cool winter time.

Air Conditioning for property letting agency offices

Let Sure are a large property letting agency based in Stockwell in Glasgow with over 100 staff members in the office building.

They have numerous large VRV air conditioning units in their offices which means that there are multiple indoor air conditioning units that operate from one large outdoor unit.

Let Sure have a maintenance contract with G2 whereby we visit twice a year and service all their air conditioning units. If there are any breakdowns, G2 go in and fix the equipment.

Let Sure are a long standing client. Previous to G2, Let Sure dealt with the company who installed the air conditioning equipment but experienced considerable issues with the installation.

G2 were approached and we immediately identified a number of installation issues and rectified them. Since then the equipment has very rarely broken down.

Air Conditioning for Care Homes

NorthCare Homes are a nursing home provider with 5 sites between East Kilbride and Glasgow. They approached G2 by way of a recommendation.

G2 have installed and serviced air conditioning equipment as well as looking after all the kitchen and refrigeration equipment.

As part of the maintenance agreement, G2 inspect and service their equipment twice a year and look after any reactive breakdowns for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

With over 50 rooms per location, reliable service is paramount to keep their customers well nourished, heated and well ventilated all year round.

4 Hour Response Guarantee

With a G2 SLA, we can guarantee a 4 hour response time to all maintenance contract clients including Christmas Day and New Year.

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G2 have been servicing our refrigeration for many years. I have witnessed first hand them growing from a one man band to the excellent company they are today. The successful operation of our chillers is imperative to the running of this hotel.

G2's service is the best in the business and their staff and engineers are really on the ball. I simply wouldn't consider going anywhere else.

Normandy Hotel, Glasgow

Peter Armour, Head Chef