Create & Maintain An Even Temperature For Greater Comfort

Cassette split system air conditioning is the most discreet and cost-effective solution for maintaining a comfortable workplace temperature.

The units are fit neatly into your ceiling and can deliver air in various directions, providing the room with an even temperature distribution.

High efficiency

360 degree even airflow distribution

Energy efficient

Adjustable speed fans

Cooling & heating capacity

Compact & stylish design

Smart Wifi control

Benefits of Cassette Split System Air Conditioning Units

  • Better aesthetics - Make full use of your ceiling, minimise clutter and free up wall & floor space.
  • Greater flexibility - Lightweight designs that suit every room layout. Easy to install and maintain for new or older buildings.
  • Superior air quality - Improves your air quality by reducing humidity and filtering & removing airborne dust particles, bacteria and more.
  • Lower operational noise levels - Exceptionally quiet indoor and outdoor units.

Why Choose Cassette Air Conditioning Units?

A ceiling mounted cassette system can deliver comfortable airflow and is one of the most powerful and efficient ways for regulating the overall temperature of a room.

They are perfect for a variety of commercial premises where spacing is limited such as offices, shops, restaurants, cafes and bars.

The ability to fit them directly into a ceiling makes them a great choice for both small and large places, with no need for major or expensive adjustments.

Cassette AC units are available in various sizes, styles and capacities, giving you the freedom to choose a product according to your needs and budget.

How Do They Work?

They are easy to install and have internal and external units like wall mounted split air conditioners.

The external unit removes the hot air from within your premises while filtering and supplying cool air back.

Modern cassette AC units include automatic changeover from cooling to heating mode to achieve and maintain the set temperature.

Some products also include a sensor that automatically directs the air away from any person detected in the room.

What We Offer

Cassette Split System Air Conditioning

When it comes to installing cassette air conditioning, hiring a professional for the job is important because these units must be installed by F-Gas qualified engineers.

At G2 Ref, we supply, install, maintain, service and repair all types of AC systems and always provide our customers with the best solution.

We offer a wide range of unique and competitively priced products from leading brands such as Panasonic, Samsung, Daikin and Mitsubishi.

Our engineers go the extra mile and pay attention to detail in order to install your new system safely and to the highest standards.

We can take care of the entire process for you, from start to finish.

For new AC installations, you can rely on us for a complete design.

We provide budget friendly, efficient solutions that can meet your exact needs.

If you are looking for commercial cassette AC installation, contact us today to speak with one of our team members.

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