Monitor & Maintain The Right Temperature and Humidity With Close Control Air Conditioning

Close control air conditioning systems have been specifically designed to regulate temperature and humidity inside enclosed spaces and buildings with high heat-producing electronic devices.

Maintaining the appropriate temperature and humidity is essential to prevent serious damage to any commercial spaces containing computers, servers, telecommunication equipment and more.

Precise temperature control

Exceptional energy efficiency

Heat & humidity control

Greater airflow

Better air filtration

Greater flexibility

Compact & space-saving design

Key Features & Benefits

  • Smart remote management - Put your mind at ease by knowing you can control & monitor the temperature via smartphone, desktop and tablet apps.
  • Reliable systems - Unlike comfort AC units, these systems are powerful and designed to operate continuously throughout the day and night.
  • Energy-saving - Efficient in operation & environmentally friendly

The Importance of Close Control Air Conditioning

Any modern business with a dedicated space to IT, telecommunication or laboratory equipment must control the excessive amount of heat that is generated.

To protect your business, and the sensitive components of all electronic devices, it is essential to use the correct type of AC system.

Each space is different and has its own unique needs.

Understanding how different cooling systems work and the necessary airflow requirements within your space is important.

Since the humidity, climate and air cleanliness control must be precise, it is essential to find the best solution for your exact business needs.

Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Exact Needs

To help businesses lower their CO2 emissions as well as running costs, we supply systems that offer very high-efficiency values in all operating conditions.

We work closely with Panasonic, Daikin, Mitsubishi and Samsung, and can help you find the best environmentally efficient solution for your requirements, all within your budget.

Our experience allows us to take care of the entire process from the initial design to installation.

Our F-Gas qualified engineers can install the units quickly and easily at your business premises to the highest possible standards.

We also specialise in maintaining, servicing and repairing all types of AC systems.

If there is any malfunction with your system, we quickly get it repaired or replaced.

We understand that choosing the right system for your space can be a challenge and that is why we offer honest impartial advice.

To find out more, contact us today to arrange a free site survey.

Why Choose Us?

Competitive prices

Fast and friendly service

Installation, maintenance, repair & servicing

High-quality products from leading brands

Bespoke packages

Strict Health and Safety policy

Maintenance Contracts

  • Preventative maintenance visits.
  • 30+ checklist per asset
  • Comprehensive engineer reports.
  • Fully qualified personnel.
  • Free technical advice.
  • Priority response to emergencies.
  • No labour charges for emergency call outs.
  • 24/7 365

4 Hour Response Guarantee

With a G2 SLA, we can guarantee a 4 hour response time to all maintenance contract clients.

We Service, Repair, Maintain and Install

Our team repair, service, maintain & install many of the leading brands.