Commercial Refrigeration Livingston

Commercial Refrigeration Livingston

We specialise in commercial refrigeration Livingston – whether you’re looking for your dream commercial refrigeration solution to be designed, created and installed for you, or whether you simply require a commercial refrigeration service in Livingston, or commercial refrigeration maintenance in Livingston, G2 Refrigeration has the best quality solutions for you. Give us a call today for all of your refrigeration needs!

Design, Creation, Installation; Professional, Commercial Refrigeration Service in Livingston

We understand how important a stylish, well fitted and, above all, useful refrigeration solution is for you and your business. Businesses that service – in particular –  food and drink need their products to be chilled to the legal standards for a safe and pleasant dining experience for their customers – but this is just one example; many businesses require stress free refrigeration solutions, and this is where G2 can help you. We understand that many standard refrigeration solutions just aren’t up to scratch when it comes to refrigeration for businesses – which is why you need a custom designed, built and installed refrigeration service from G2 Refrigeration. We’re here to assist you with all your commercial refrigeration service in Livingston needs, simply give us a call today – we can make anything happen for you and your business!

Do You Need Commercial Refrigeration Repair Livingston?

If your refrigeration solution breaks – you need it fixed, and fast. Ideally, your equipment wouldn’t break in the first place, and your business wouldn’t be inconvenienced, but we all know that accidents can happen. That’s why G2 Refrigeration’s commercial refrigeration repair Livingston have a 24/7, 365 callout policy for emergencies, so you can rest safe in the knowledge your equipment will always be in good working order.

Our maintenance contracts mean we can spot any issues that may crop up and get them dealt with, and, if the worst were to happen, we can be there in a heartbeat, so that your refrigeration services are back up and running as quickly as possible – for you, your business, and your customers. If you’re in need of commercial refrigeration repair Livingston, don’t hesitate to get in touch with G2 Refrigeration.

If you need refrigeration solutions outside of Livingston look no further, we provide services in Perth, Falkirk and Glasgow too!

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Who To Call If You’re Looking For Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance In Livingston

Regularly used commercial refrigeration equipment, such as that in a restaurant or supermarket, needs servicing often to keep it in working order so that your business is never inconvenienced by broken or faulty equipment – this is why we are experts in commercial refrigeration maintenance in Livingston.

Most of our G2 Refrigeration commercial refrigeration customers find it a good idea to take out one of our commercial refrigeration maintenance in Livingston contracts once we have serviced their refrigeration solutions. This means that we will check your equipment every six months for any faults or any possible issues, so that any problems are dealt with swiftly, and any potential, future troubles are diagnosed and sorted. Our commercial refrigeration maintenance in Livingston checks come with a 30+ checklist, meaning that you can rest assured your equipment will always be in the highest working order.

The following table shows the different kinds of refrigeration maintenance in Livingston contracts we offer:

Additionally, here are some of the refrigeration solutions that we specialise in installing, repairing and maintaining, so you know we can work around you!

Walk in Chill and Freezer Rooms:

  • Walk in freezer rooms to keep your produce chilled are insulated rooms constructed from polyurethane panels.
  • This style of room can be made any size and has refrigeration equipment inside to control internal temperatures

Refrigerated Cabinets:

  • Fridge cabinets are used for the storage of products and come in a huge array of different shapes and sizes to fit any room or aisle you may need.

Supermarket Packs:

  • Refrigerated supermarket packs are the long cabinets you find on dairy or frozen aisles.
  • Because these are used so frequently and are so large, they need regular service, maintenance and repair.

Display Refrigeration:

  • Display refrigeration cabinets are the cabinets that display items to the consumer, which can be open fronted or have glass doors.  

If you’re not sure what your business needs or uses, get in touch and we can answer any questions.

Refrigeration Manufacturers That We Install, Maintain, Service and Repair:

We work with many of the leading commercial refrigeration manufacturers, such as:


mitsubishi electric

Please find below more information about our refrigeration maintenance contracts:

  • Preventative Maintenance Visits.
  • 30+ Point Checklist for each asset.
  • Comprehensive Engineer Reports.
  • Fully Qualified Personnel.
  • Free technical advice.
  • Priority response to emergencies.
  • No labour charges for emergency call outs.
  • 24/7, 365

If you’d like a quote today, or a chat about our commercial refrigeration service in Livingston, give us a call or get in touch here!

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