Computer & Server Rooms

Computer & Server Rooms

Computer and Server Room Air Conditioning for businesses in Scotland who need to keep their servers or server rooms cool.

Computer, servers, IT and telecommunications systems are vital to every organisation and business today.

However, equipment such as servers and computers generate considerable heat.

Servers and server rooms therefore need to maintain a set temperature and range of humidity to function properly.

G2 have considerable experience with many businesses in central Scotland to provide custom air conditioning and humidity control for server rooms and servers.

  • Call Centres
  • Telemarketing Companies
  • Utilities
  • Telecoms
  • Charities
  • Web Design and Development Companies
  • Exhibition Centres
  • Business Centres
considerable experience in custom air conditioning

G2 understand that if your servers overheat and go down, your business or organisation could suffer considerably.

As a leading company of engineers in Scotland, G2 can provide free site surveys to advise you on the best air conditioning solutions to meet your data equipment and server room needs.

That’s why we are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for maintained clients ready to respond to any server room air conditioning issues. Our air conditioning engineers are available to visit your site across the central belt of Scotland.

Drawing on our years of experience as air conditioning engineers, we can review your current set up and advise the best solution; from portable air conditioners to split air conditioning units.

Portable air conditioning units are also ideal for cool air for server rooms, computer suites, telecommunication facilities and UPS systems.

Computer and Server Room Air Conditioning Clients

  • Xervon Palmers
  • Park Property Management
  • Inside Secure Ltd
  • Core IS
  • SECC
  • LS Litho
  • One Call Direct
  • Boston Networks

Core IS Server Room Air Conditioning

Core Integrated Solutions are an IT, infrastructure and network solution provider for many organisations and local authorities.

Their clients tend to have servers and server rooms and G2 provide air conditioning support for these server rooms.

Xervon Palmers Server Rooms

A couple of Daikin 6 Kw wall mounted air conditioning units were installed into a server room to prevent the servers overheating.

One system runs continually with the other as a back up system in case of failure.

One Call Direct

One Call Direct are a telemarketing and call centre business in Glasgow with over 250 staff that deliver high volumes of outbound sales and customer service call on behalf of their corporate clients.

Inside Secure Ltd

G2 provide server room air conditioning support for a global organisation called Inside Secure Ltd at their Scottish base in East Kilbride.

Park Property Management

Park Property Management in Glasgow manage multiple commercial properties for tenants. Properties with server rooms and equipment require air conditioning support to keep the server rooms cooled to the right temperature to for business continuity.

Types of Server Room Air Conditioning Solutions

  • Split Type Air Conditioning
  • Cooling Fans
  • High Performance Air Conditioning Systems

When data, servers, communication and the web are at the heart of your organisation or business, it is worthwhile getting in touch with G2 to safeguard your investment.

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