Create the Perfect Comfort Levels Throughout Your Space With Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning systems are an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for both residential and commercial buildings.
The system generates a continuous, even flow of cool air that is pumped through a series of ductwork installed throughout your property.

High performance

Aesthetically discreet

Quiet operation

Excellent energy-efficiency

Greater rate of airflow

More control & flexibility

Cooling & heating capabilities

Smart WiFi control

Key Benefits

  • A Complete Solution - A powerful and comprehensive system that provides cool air through your space on multiple levels, all via a centrally controlled thermostat.
  • Zone control capabilities - Allows you to set, control and maintain the right temperature in different areas and spaces by turning off the airflow to the rooms you are not using.
  • Energy Saving - Save electricity and reduce your running costs by controlling the temperature of individual areas.

Is Ducted Air Conditioning the Right Choice For You?

Ducted systems are highly effective in cooling large areas with more than one level.

They are far more powerful than ductless units and more effective at removing humidity.

The units operate quietly and are designed to be completely concealed to your ceiling, which provides a high level of flexibility across your space.

They can help you save money and reduce your footprint on the environment with zoning.

How Do They Work?

Ducted systems contain one central indoor unit and one outdoor unit which are used to distribute cool air throughout your space via a series of ducts.

The ducts are installed from the central unit to each room that requires temperature control.

When it comes to operating, the outdoor unit cools the air and passes it to the central indoor unit for distribution.

The air is then pumped through a system of pipes known as ducts.

The temperature of every area in your space can then be independently controlled as required.

The ability to control airflow and the temperature in individual spaces means you’ll be able to reduce the overall running costs.

What We Offer

We understand that ducted systems are a little bit more complex to install, so to help you understand the process, we will work closely with you on every stage of the process.

Our team can design a customised detailed plan based on your exact needs.

You can rely on our significant amount of knowledge and experience to install your entire system.

We work closely with leading brands such as PanasonicDaikinMitsubishi and Samsung, and are fully committed to supplying only the best products to our clients.

Call us today to find out more about how we can help you choose the right budget friendly and efficient solution.

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