Food Processing

Food Processing

G2 provide industrial and food processing refrigeration for dairy and meat production facilities throughout Scotland that require fresh produce storage.

Cold Storage Rooms For Dairies such as McQueen Dairies

McQueen Dairies are a large family based Glasgow based dairy who produce, package and deliver milk and dairy products to the doorstep and to supermarket and retailers.

The main services that G2 provide are the installation of numerous cold rooms in Glasgow, Warrington and Edinburgh.

McQueen Dairies are constantly expanding into new territories and as part of this expansion, G2 provide the supporting industrial refrigeration services.

G2 have been working with McQueen Dairies for a number of years now as a result of their previous supplier letting them down on response times and service.

food processing refrigeration for dairy and meat production facilities

There is a full maintenance contract in place to cover servicing, repairs, labour and parts and emergency callouts.

G2 have worked closely with McQueens Dairies from Glasgow over the last 4 years supporting their fast national expansion.

We have built a large cold storage facility for them in their 7 depots around Scotland and England.

We look forward to growing our relationship with McQueen Diaries and there are already plans to expand their facility in Warrington and Glasgow.

Food Processing Refrigeration – Large Industrial Blast Chiller

Stoddarts are a leading beef processing company with a large industrial blast chiller to help with the freezing, chilling, storage and distribution of produce.

Blast chillers improve food hygiene and reduce waste as they minimise harmful micro organisms.

Hygiene, safety and wastage are important to the business who prepare beef products for the retail and wholesale markets in either chilled, frozen or ready to cook formats.

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