Achieve & Maintain the Ideal Temperature For Multiple Rooms With One External Unit

Multi split systems air conditioning is one of the most flexible, scalable and convenient solutions for independently creating and controlling the temperature of multiple rooms.

With no need for ducting, they are easy and quick to set up.

Extremely energy efficient

Powerful performance


Wi-Fi enabled access

Cooling & heating mode


Operates exceptionally quiet

What Are the Benefits Of Multi Split Systems Air Conditioning?

  • Scalable - Easily add, remove and change units to fit your exact requirements.
  • Flexibility  - Use and connect different types of indoor units based on your needs to one outdoor unit.
  • Greater comfort - Independently control and adjust the temperature of individual rooms via a wireless remote.
  • Energy-saving - Reduce both power and running costs by cooling & heating each room as required.
multi split systems air conditioning

Are They the Right Choice For You?

If there is a need to set different areas and rooms at different temperatures, then a multi split system is the perfect choice.

They are ideal for large office spaces, hospitality venues, retail shops and other commercial buildings.

The ability to use different styles and ranges of units allows you to create a unique system that best fits your space.

Depending on the type of your outdoor unit, you can mix and match wall mounted, floor-standing, ceiling & bulkhead units together.

multi split systems air conditioning

How Do They Operate?

They work exactly like single split systems, but the outdoor unit powers multiple indoor units instead.

The units are connected via copper pipes and electric cables.

The outdoor unit filters and recycles the air in your rooms by removing hot air and blowing cool air.

Modern systems include intelligent built-in features for more comfort and energy efficiency.

Many systems automatically direct airflow away from people to avoid drafts and adjust between cooling and heating modes to maintain the desired set temperature throughout the day.

What Can We Offer?

At G2 Ref, we supply competitively priced systems that provide clean, efficient and greater comfort from leading brands such as Panasonic, Samsung, Daikin and Mitsubishi.

When it comes to multi split systems, we know choosing the correct outdoor unit is crucial for the overall performance of your system.

Our team will help determine which system is most suitable for your premises and can take care of the entire process from start to finish.

We design tailored installation plans based on the layout of your space, the number of employees and the direction of sunlight in your room.

You can count on us to install the units in the most ideal spots for a better airflow distribution and greater comfort.

We can make sure you find the most budget-friendly product that can meet your exact requirements.

Contact us today to speak to our team and find out how we can help you choose the best solution for your premises.

multi split systems air conditioning

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