20 Coldest and Warmest Temperatures by Country Ever Recorded

These are the 20 coldest and warmest temperatures by country ever recorded.

Living in Scotland we experience fairly extreme weather, from -12.4C (9.68 F) in December 2017 to 89.4 F in Glasgow in the summer of 2018.

Or so I thought until I researched and curated the top 20 coldest and warmest temperatures by country officially recorded.

20 Coldest Temperatures Ever Recorded

Let’s started with the top 20 coldest temperatures by country ever recorded.

20 coldest temperatures ever recorded infographic

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Vostok Station, Antarctica (Russia) – Minus 128.6 ºF (Minus 89.2 ºC)

The Vostok Station is a research centre in Antarctica, which is officially part of Russia.

It has the lowest measured temperature on earth at -128 degrees fahrenheit recorded in 1983.

Incredibly, 25 scientists and engineers work there in the summer and reading about acclimatising to the conditions sounds like all the illnesses in your lifetime rolled into a few weeks.

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Dome A, Antarctica (Russia) –  Minus 116.5 ºF (Minus 89.5ºC)

Wikipedia state that Dome A in Antarctica recorded -116.5 F in July 2005 but on the Wikipedia Dome A listing -148 F has been recorded.

I was watching the All Or Nothing documentary on Amazon Prime; a behind the scenes TV series about Manchester City football club (no I’m not a fan).

In the first episode Vincent Kompany and their kit man, Brandon Ashton, go into a cold room (topless but with face masks) for 60 seconds as part of Kompany’s injury recovery process.

The sports scientist, Donough Holohan, stated that cold therapy at -130 F can help with inflammation and the recovery process.

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Oymyakon, Russia – Minus 90 ºF (Minus 67.8ºC)

There are multiple entries for Russia so I took the 1933 recording of minus 90 degrees fahrenheit at Oymyakon in the Sakha Republic of Russia.

Oymyakon, is in Siberia; the area known as Stalin’s Death Ring.

Oymyakon is the coldest place on earth inhabited by people.

There are 500 inhabitants and the nearest city, Yakutsk, is a 3 day drive away.

Kids are allowed to go to school if it’s warmer than – 67 F !

In winter there are 3 hours of daylight and in summer up to 21 hours of daylight.

How people live, eat and work is beyond comprehension.

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North Ice (Greenland) Denmark –  Minus 87 ºF (Minus 66.1ºC)

North Ice was a research station in Greenland and recorded a minus 87 degree fahrenheit temperature in 1954.

I presume the station isn’t in existence anymore from the research I’ve done.

Although it’s hardly surprising Greenland recorded one of the lowest temperatures ever.

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Snag, Yukon, Canada – Minus 81.4 ºF (Minus 63ºC)

Snag is in the Yukon territory of Canada and recorded a temperature of minus 81.4 degree fahrenheit in 1947.

Snag is almost in Alaska and the nearest place to it that I’ve ever heard of is Anchorage which is 458 miles away.

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Prospect Creek, (Alaska) USA – Minus 80 ºF (Minus 62.2ºC)

Prospect Creek, cool name, recorded a temperature of minus 80 degrees fahrenheit in 1971.

The area isn’t inhabited and the nearest city, with a population of 10, is called Coldfoot which is 31 miles away.

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Ust’ Shchugor,  Russia – Minus 72.6 ºF (Minus 58.1ºC)

Ust’ Shchugor is a small village in the Komi Republic of Russia and recorded a low temperature of minus 72.6 degrees fahrenheit in 1978.

Ust’ Schchugor is about 1229 miles from Moscow, when I looked on Google Maps, it’s almost level with the most northern parts of Sweden and Finland.

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Rogers Pass, USA – Minus 70.6 ºF (Minus 57ºC)

Rogers Pass is mountain pass in Montana in the United States of America.

It recorded a temperature of minus 57 degrees fahrenheit in 1954.

Great Falls is the nearest location I’ve heard of; a small city with a population of 58,178.

Rogers Pass is about 167 miles south of the Canadian border; to give you some geographical perspective.

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Züüngovi, Mongolia – Minus 67.5 ºF (Minus 55.3ºC)

Züüngovi in the Uvs Province of Mongolia recorded a temperature of minus 67.5 degrees fahrenheit in 1976.

Global warming must have had an effect since 1976 because when you look at the area on Google Maps there are people walking about in t-shirts, it’s sunny and the skies are blue.

I guess we have to trust the Wikipedia editors on this entry.

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Vuoggatjålme, Sweden –  Minus 62.7 ºF (Minus 52.6ºC)

Vuoggatjålme, which is now unsurprisingly uninhabited is in the middle of the polar circle area.

It is about 404 miles north of Trondheim in Norway and 341 miles north of Ostersund in Sweden.

Vuoggatjålme is located in the Lappland area of Sweden.

Here’s a fact I never knew; there’s a Swedish and Finnish Lapland; it was split in two by the Russian Empire in 1809.

I wonder which Lapland Santa actually lives in ?

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Mohe County, China – Minus 62.1 ºF (Minus 52.3ºC)

Mohe is the most northerly city in China with a population of over 83,000 and recorded a temperature of minus 62.1 degrees fahrenheit in 1969.

Looking at Mohe on the map you can see China extends north beyond Mongolia and up towards the central east of Russia.

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Shahrak,  Afghanistan – Minus 62 ºF – (Minus 52.2ºC)

Shahrak in Afghanistan recorded a temperature of minus 62 degrees fahrenheit in 1964.

Nothing interesting to say about this place; Google Maps can’t even calculate the distance to and from other cities; that’s how isolated this town is.

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Pokka, Finland – Minus 60.7 ºF (Minus 51.5ºC)

Pokka in Finland recorded a temperature of minus 60.7 degrees fahrenheit in 1999.

Located in the Finnish Lapland, Pokka is more northerly than Vuoggatjålme, mentioned above.

The location is about 55 miles north of Kittilä, a ski resort, which has continuous daylight in the summer from 29 May to 16 July and polar nights (dark all day and night ! ) in the last 2 weeks of December.

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Karasjok, Norway – Minus 60.5 ºF (Minus 51.4ºC)

Karasjok is located in the Finnmark county of Norway and recorded a temperature of minus 60.5 degrees fahrenheit in 1886.

It is 876 miles north of Trondheim and 725 miles north of Ostersund and is almost at the very north of the Scandinavian area with a population of 2696.

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Busa Fradusta, Italy – Minus 57.2 ºF – (Minus 49.6ºF)

Busa Fradusta in Italy recorded a temperature of minus 57.2 degrees fahrenheit in 2013.

Busa Fradusta Nord is a mountain in the Pala di San Martino mountain range in the Dolomites; the northern part of Italy.

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Grünloch, Austria – Minus 52.8 ºF (Minus 47.1ºC)

The details are a bit patchy on Grünloch; it appears to be a sinkhole near Lunz in the Austrian mountains; an Alpine doline.

Scientists recorded a temperature of minus 52.8 degrees fahrenheit in 1923; but there appear to have been plenty more studies since then.

Lunz is about 90 miles south west of Vienna and looking at the Google Maps photos you can’t help thinking about The Sound of Music.

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Van-Çaldıran,  Turkey – Minus 51.5 ºF (Minus 46.4ºF)

Van-Çaldıran recorded a temperature of minus 51.5 degrees fahrenheit in 1990.

Van-Çaldıran is on the east of Turkey very near Armenia and almost on the border with the very north of Iran.

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Saqqez – Iran – Minus 50.8 ºF (Minus 46ºC)

Saqqez, also referred to as Saqiz, is in the Kurdistan province of Iran with a population of around 165,000.

A temperature of minus 50.8 degrees fahrenheit was recorded in 1972.

Saqqez is located about 314 miles south of Van-Çaldıran in Turkey, mentioned above, and 371 west of Tehran.

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Funtensee (Berchtesgadener), Germany – Minus 50.6 ºF (Minus 45.9ºF)

Funtensee in Germany recorded a temperature of minus 50.6 degrees fahrenheit was recorded in 2001.

Funtensee is a lake in the Berchtesgadener Land area of Bavaria in southern Germany and only 6.5 miles from the Austrian border.

Berchtesgadener is popular for skiing and its national park and seems to have a really interesting WW2 backstory that attracts visitors.

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Chunggangjin, North Korea – Minus 46.5 ºF (Minus 43.6ºC)

Little to say about North Korea since they’ve pretty much closed their doors to most other countries.

But they do seem to be coming out their shell.

If you watched the Winter Olympics earlier in 2018 all the athletes did comment it was the coldest temperatures they had ever competed in.

So that’s the top 20 coldest locations every recorded.

Now onto extreme warm temperatures.

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20 Warmest Temperatures Ever Recorded

20 warmest temperatures ever recorded infographic

I know I start getting uncomfortable when it reaches 70 F so let’s see what some of the highest temperatures ever recorded by country are.

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Death Valley, (California) USA – 134 ºF – (56.7ºC)

The Furnace Creek Ranch (now called the The Oasis) at Death Valley recorded a temperature of 134 degrees fahrenheit in 1913; the highest temperature ever recorded on earth.

Death Valley is a desert valley near the border of California and Nevada.

The recording has been called into question recently as other recordings haven’t come close to the 134 F since 1913 in Death Valley.

Good news; if you do visit Furnace Creek Ranch to stay, they do have a swimming pool !

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Kebili, Tunisia – 131 F – (55ºC)

Kebiki, located in the south of Tunisia,  recorded a temperature of 131 F in 1931.

Looking at images from Google Maps, you would think your are in a scene from a Star Wars movie; all sand and sand houses.

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Mitrabah, Kuwait – 129.2 F (54ºC)

Mitrabah is a weather station in Kuwait and recorded a temperature of 129.2 F in 2016.

Mitrabah is near a US army base 40 miles from the Iraq border and not many people live or wander into the area except shepherds and soldiers using it for shooting practice.

To quote the Guardian newspaper “quite how human beings can survive such extreme temperatures without the aid of air conditioning is hard to imagine”.

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Basra, Iraq – 129 ºF (53.9ºC)

Basra is a city in Iraq 75 miles northwest of the Persian Gulf recorded a temperature of 129 F recorded in July 2016.

Mitrabah, Basra and Ahwaz Airport recordings are regarded as the hottest ever reliable measurements in the world; outside of the Death Valley recording.

And these recordings certainly are the most recent.

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Ahwaz Airport, Iran – 129 ºF (54ºC)

Ahwaz or Ahvaz is a city on the southwest of Iran with a population of 1.3 million.

The city airport recorded a temperature of 129 F in June 2018.

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Tirat Zvi, Israel – 129 ºF (54ºC)

Tirat Zvi recorded a temperature of 129 F in 1942 although the validity of this recording has been questioned.

Tirat Zvi is a kibbutz south of the city of Beit She’an in Israel and west of the Jordan River.

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Turbat, Pakistan – 128.3 ºF (53.5ºC)

There are been two recordings of 128.3 F in Pakistan; Mohenjo-Daro and Turbat.

I decided to select the Turbat entry since it is the most recent recording; Turbat recorded a temperature of 128.3 F in May 2017 with Mohenjo-Daro’s recording in 2010.

Turbat is located in the very south of Pakistan and very close to Dubai, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.

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Al Jazeera Border Gate, (Ruwais) UAE – 125.8 ºF (52.1ºc)

A temperature of 125.8 F was recorded in Ruwais in the United Arab Emirates in July 2002.

Ruwais is 140 miles from Abu Dhabi and 232 miles from Doha in Qatar.

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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – 125.6 ºF (52ºC)

Jeddah, a port city,  is the second largest city in Saudi Arabia with a population of nearly 4 millions and is regarded as the country’s commercial capital.

Jeddah recorded a temperature of 125.6 F in June 2010.

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Mexicali Area, Mexico – 125.6 ºF (52ºC)

There was a temperature recording of 125.6 F in July 1995 in the Mexicali area of Mexico.

Mexicali is the capital of Baja California, the section of land that protrudes like a leg down from San Diego, and right on the border with the USA.

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Ouargia, Algeria – 124.3 ºF (51.3ºC)

Ouargia is located in the Sahara Desert part of Algeria.

It recorded a temperature of 124.3 F in July 2018.

I’m not very familiar with Algeria but Ouargia has a flourishing petroleum industry and is bang smack in the centre of the country.

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Phalodi, (Rajasthan) – India – 123.8 ºF (51ºF)

The highest temperature ever recorded in India was 123.8 F in May 2016 and was recorded at Phalodi in the state of Rajasthan.

Phalodi is in the north west of India about 200 miles south of the border with Pakistan.

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Qurayya ,Oman –  123.4 ºF (50.8ºC)

There have been 3 recordings of 123.F in Oman but the most recent one was in May 2017 at Qurayya.

Qurayya is a small fishing village south of Muscat and on the far east coast of Oman.

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Semara, (Western Sahara) Morocco – 123.3 ºF (50.7ºC)

Hardly a surprise that it’s hot in the Sahara desert but a temperature of 123.3 F was recorded in Semara in the Western Sahara in 1961.

Semara, or Smara, was an oasis for travellers in the 19th century.

The Sahara desert is south of Morocco and was controlled by Spain up until the late 20th century.

Tenerife and Gran Canaria are situated off the coastline of the desert.

I’m confused whether western Sahara is part of Morocco or not; Wikipedia is unclear.

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Dodnadatta ,Australia – 123.3 ºF (50.7º)

Dodnadatta in South Australia recorded a temperature of 123.3 F in 1960 and is the country’s highest ever recording.

Dodnadatta is about 650 miles north of Adelaide and 1100 miles north of Melbourne.

Dodnadatta is a small cattle station with only a few hundred people living there but advertises itself as “the driest town, the driest state of the driest Continent”.

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Erbao Township, China – 122.9 ºF (50.5ºC)

Erbao Township is located in Turpan in the Xinjiang part of China.

Turpan is closest to the south west border of Mongolia and to the north east border with Kazakhstan.

The people of the Turpan part of China are of a mainly of a Turkic background and are called Uyghurs.

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Doha, Qatar – 122.7 ºF (50.4ºC)

A temperature of 122.7 F was recorded in 2010 in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

Qatar will, of course, host the 2012 FIFA World Cup.

As a result of the extreme heat in Qatar the football tournament will be moved from summer to late November and early December.

The average temperatures in Doha in November and December are 85 F and 75 F respectively.

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Repetek, (Karakum Desert) – Turkmenistan – 122.2 ºF (50.1ºC)

Repetek Biosphere State Reserve in the Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan recorded a temperature of 122.2 F in 1983.

Repetek is a nature reserve to observe sand and desert.

Turkmenistan was part of the old Soviet Union up until it’s independence in 1991.

Turkmenistan is located above Iran and Afghanistan and has a huge land mass, 7 times greater, but a population similar to Scotland; 5.6 million.

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Dunbrody, South Africa – 122 ºF (50ºC)

Dunbrody in the Eastern Cape of South Africa recorded a temperature of 122 F in 1918.

Dunbrody is about 46 miles north of Port Elizabeth; not much else to say.

Jordan University, Jordan – 122 ºF (50ºC)

And finally, Jordan University Agricultural Research Center recorded a temperature of 122 F in 2002.

Jordan is 154 miles from Jerusalem but as the crow flies much less due to matters above my pay grade.

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I hope you found our article about the 20 coldest and warmest temperatures by country ever recorded useful; I certainly learned much about countries and places I knew very little about.

This article and resource has been curated and created by G2 who specialise in commercial air conditioning and commercial refrigeration installations, repairs and maintenance.

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