G2 provide multi site retailers and retail groups in Scotland with commercial refrigeration and air conditioning services. Food quality and freshness are paramount to the Subway brand.

Subway have 40+ stores in and around the West of Scotland area including shopping centres, high streets and out of town locations serving fresh food and drink morning, noon and night 7 days a week.

Therefore their refrigeration equipment to support these goals requires the reliable support and back up from our team of G2 engineers.

In addition to the refrigeration of produce the comfort of the environment for staff and customers through air conditioning is also of equal importance to the brand.

G2 are responsible for the service, maintenance and repair of all refrigeration and air conditioning equipment at all of the Subway outlets in the West of Scotland.

Refrigeration Equipment That Retailers Use:

  • Walk in chillers/freezers
  • Display and Storage refrigeration
  • Drink refrigeration
  • Refrigerated cabinets and counters

Air Conditioning Equipment That Retailers Use:

  • VRF/VRV air conditioning
  • Multi Split air conditioning
  • Ducted air conditioning
  • Ceiling Mounted air conditioning
  • Split System air conditioning


Hotel Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Services in Scotland provided by G2 to hotels, restaurant, bars and food caterers.

Hotel rooms typically have wall mounted and concealed or ducted air conditioning units where guests can individually control and choose their ideal temperature.

Hotel kitchens are used continuously to serve breakfast, lunches and dinners and the air conditioning and refrigeration units are paramount to the front and back of house operations.

Walk in freezers to bulk store food and refrigerated cabinets within the kitchen are just some of the equipment the back of house staff need to serve guests and visitors.

Refrigeration Equipment That Hotels Utilise

  • Walk in chillers/freezers
  • Display and storage refrigeration

Air Conditioning Equipment That Hotels Utilise

  • Multi split air conditioning
  • Ducted air conditioning
  • Floor Standing Units
  • Ceiling Mounted
  • Split System


Computer and Server Room Air Conditioning for businesses in Scotland who need to keep their servers or server rooms cool.

Computer, servers, IT and telecommunications systems are vital to every organisation and business today. However, equipment such as servers and computers generate considerable heat.

Servers and server rooms therefore need to maintain a set temperature and range of humidity to function properly.

G2 have considerable experience with many businesses in central Scotland to provide custom air conditioning and humidity control for server rooms and servers.

Computer and Server Room Air Conditioning Clients

Xervon Palmers Inside Secure Ltd SECC One Call Direct
Park Property Management Core IS LS Litho Boston Networks


G2 provide healthcare refrigeration and air conditioning services for many health & public sector.

G2 provide healthcare refrigeration and air conditioning services for many NHS bodies, local authorities, schools, colleges, doctors, dental surgeries and other public sector organisations to support their air conditioning and refrigeration needs.

Generally the key concerns in the health care and public sector are staff and patient comfort through the provision of controlled air conditioning and minimising the risk of infections that are key to patient care and recovery.

From a refrigeration perspective, large establishments such as hospitals and schools have a large number of patients, staff and pupils that require regular meals and refreshments.

The kitchens that provide these services require refrigeration of produce so meals are cooked and delivered freshly, safely and cost effectively to students, pupils, staff, patients or guests.

Healthcare refrigeration and air conditioning provided to

Waiting areas and reception areas are the most common areas that rely upon air conditioning support.

We work with both outside air conditioning systems such as Daikin VRV Air Conditioning Units and inside air conditioning units such as wall or ceiling mounted air conditioning units.


Air conditioning has been around for many decades now, and yet it is something that is still far from being mainstream.

Air conditioning has been around for many decades now, and yet it is something that is still far from being mainstream.

Businesses all over Scotland use air conditioning in a variety of settings, not just to cool their staff, but some of their equipment too.

G2 work with businesses such as :

Solicitors and Lawyers Care Homes Doctor and Dental Surgery Offices in business parks and city centres
Letting Agents Car Dealerships Business Centres

Food Processing

G2 provide industrial and food processing refrigeration for dairy and meat production facilities throughout Scotland that require fresh produce storage.

McQueen Dairies are a large family based Glasgow based dairy who produce, package and deliver milk and dairy products to the doorstep and to supermarket and retailers.

The main services that G2 provide are the installation of numerous cold rooms in Glasgow, Warrington and Edinburgh.

McQueen Dairies are constantly expanding into new territories and as part of this expansion, G2 provide the supporting industrial refrigeration services.

G2 have been working with McQueen Dairies for a number of years now as a result of their previous supplier letting them down on response times and service.

Food Processing Refrigeration – Large Industrial Blast Chiller

Stoddarts are a leading beef processing company with a large industrial blast chiller to help with the freezing, chilling, storage and distribution of produce.

Blast chillers improve food hygiene and reduce waste as they minimise harmful micro organisms.

We deliver innovative, practical and reliable solutions which fulfill our costumer's needs.

We understand each organisation’s individual needs and requirements and that our work helps to create a comfortable environment, ofter critical to the success of their businesses.

  • Air Conditioning Installation
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance
  • Air Conditioning Repairs
  • Refrigation Installation
  • Refrigation Maintenance
  • Refrigation Repairs